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Home of Wattlelane Stables Equine Minerals

Home of Wattlelane Stables Equine Minerals

Superior Equine Vitamins and Minerals

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Equine Passion started as just that - a love of horses. A chance visit to Wattlelane Stable's stud 3 1/2 years ago had me fall in love with my beautiful mare Wattlelane Designer Girl. Although she was not for sale at our first meeting circumstances changed and she now graces my paddocks along with my other beautiful fur babies. A friendship was formed as Tabitha (Director of Wattlelane Stables) loves to keep in contact with her "babies". It was her love of horses that has inspired the fantastic range of supplements that we can now proudly offer for sale.

We believe that healthy animals are made from the inside out, so total wellbeing will be reflected in the quality of coat and hooves. Our superior range of mineral supplements was developed to support your horse when dietary intake from pasture alone may not deliver the necessary nutrients required by your horse.

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